Disposable UV-Transparent Spectrophotometer Cuvettes

Disposable UV-Transparent spectrophotometer cuvettes are an excellent alternative to fragile, expensive quartz cuvettes for DNA, RNA, and protein analyses between 220-900nm. For example, the disposable BRAND UV-Cuvettes are made from a proprietary polycyclical olefin which is resistant to many aggressive solvents and eliminates the need for tedious maintenance, cleaning, and most importantly the contamination risk associated with quartz cuvettes. Disposable spectrophotometry cuvettes eliminate the risk of cross-contamination from previous analysis which will cause inaccuracies, low sensitivity, and lack of precision. Over time quartz cuvettes can become cracked, chipped or scratched,  choosing a disposable cuvette you will allow you to save valuable time.

The BRAND disposable UV-Transparent Spectrophotometer cuvettes are available in three different sizes; ultra-micro, semi-micro, and macro which offer additional flexibility regarding sample volume (see table below for specifications).

UV-Transparent Spectrophotometry Cuvettes  
Filling Volume
Maximum 550μL (15mm window)3.0mL4.5mL
850μL (8.5mm window)--
Sample Window Dimensions2mm x 3.5mm (minimum)4.5mm x 23mm10mm x 35mm
Light Path10mm10mm10mm
Range of Application220-900nm220-900nm220-900nm

The ultra-micro cuvettes are available individually-wrapped and independently-certified DNA-, DNase-, and RNase-free for an extra degree of sample protection. The BRAND cuvettes have improved chemical resistance; including most polar organic solvents, as well as a broad range of acids and bases. Polystyrene and methacrylate cuvettes have a lower chemical resistance compared to the BRAND UV-Cuvettes which are compatible with chemicals such as acetone, butanone, DMF, and concentrated hydrochloric acid.

When choosing a cuvette, consistent and repeatable results are essential to any analysis. The BRAND UV-Cuvettes are manufactured from scratch-resistant materials, and are grouped by manufacturing mold cavity number to ensure the lowest variation in extinction coefficient. The BRAND UV-Cuvettes are compatible with most commercial spectrophotometers and photometers without the use of special adapters.

The benefits of disposable cuvettes have many advantages over quartz cuvettes. Quartz cuvettes are expensive and typically cost much more than disposable UV-Cuvettes. Disposable UV-Transparent cuvettes eliminate the risk of sample carryover and can enhance the reliability of analytical results. Traditional quartz cuvettes take approximately 5 minutes to wash and dry, using disposable UV-Transparent spectrophotometer cuvettes will eliminate the need for cleaning and reusing cuvettes which in turn will save time and money.

Our cuvettes are designed to fit all major spectrophotometers and photometers from all the top manufacturers. If you are concerned about unit compatibility, request a free sample to try out before you decide to buy.

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