Looking for consistent results? 

Spectrophotometry Cuvettes

Our cuvettes are designed to fit all major spectrophotometers and photometers from all the top manufacturers. If you are concerned about unit compatibility, request a free sample to try out before you decide to buy!
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Three Standard Sizes!

Macro, Semi-Micro, and Ultra-Micro sizes come in packs of either 100 or 500 for high volume users.

Never Contaminate A Sample!

Simply grab a new cuvette when you need one and dispose of it when you're done!

Stop Wasting Time Cleaning!

Your time is valuable, stop wasting time cleaning each quartz cuvette after every use.

Want spectrophotometry cuvettes that produce consistent results? 

Our spectrophotometry cuvettes provide consistent, repeatable results every time.  Made to fit all the major spectrophotometers and photometers with their recessed windows.


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