3 Benefits Of The Basic Billy Life Support Simulator

Cardiac Failure, A Leading Cause Of Death

With cardiac failure as one of the leading causes of death, let “Basic Billy” show that it is not difficult to provide help and save lives through correct cardiac massage and ventilation techniques.

“About 5.1 million people in the United States have heart failure¹

Heart failure occurs when the weakened heart muscle cannot pump enough blood and oxygen to support other organs in your body. Unlike a healthy heart muscle that pumps blood into the aorta, the weakened heart muscle cannot pump enough blood into the aorta which results in heart failure. Although heart failure is a serious condition, the heart has not entirely stopped beating or is about to stop working². The heart simply cannot pump blood the way it should.

Designed Based Upon Extensive Results of Studies 

Basic Billy CPR manikin emerged by using the extensive results of studies focusing on the depth and force of compression during cardiopulmonary resuscitation or more commonly referred to as (CPR). The design of “Basic Billy” was based on guidelines set forth by the AHA (American Heart Association)  and ERC (European Resuscitation Council). “Basic Billy”, developed in Germany, was designed with optimal force and compression values in mind. Basic Billy is both anatomically correct and hygienic to use.

Two CPR Manikins In One

The “Basic Billy” basic life support simulator is quite versatile, as it can be used as either an adult or child  (approximate age 12). The interchangeable compression springs are located in the back of the trainer to give realistic depth feedback of either the adult or child. The head tilts easily to provide an open airway for mouth-to-mouth and mouth-to-nose resuscitation. As an added feature, the thorax raises as the lungs are ventilated.

3 Benefits Of The “Basic Billy” Life Support Simulator 

1. Easily exchangeable lung bag – The lung bag can be changed quickly and easily. Begin by removing the thorax skin and then remove the face skin. To detach the lung bag from the lung bag socket, you will need to remove the jaw insert. Replace the used lung bag with a new one and then reattach the lung bag socket to the jaw insert (make sure the lung bag lays flat once in place). Reattach the face skin and thorax skin to complete the complete the process.

2. Compression spring is quickly and easily converted from adult to child mode – Changing the compression spring allows for child mode. To exchange the adult compression spring (red spring) for the child compression spring (green spring), begin by removing the thorax skin, face skin and lung bag. Once that step has been completed, the thorax cover can be detached and removed (Tilting the head back will make it easier to remove the thorax cover).  The compression spring is located in the back of the trainer and can be easily replaced. Once the compression spring has been exchanged, follow the first step in reverse order.

3. Easily cleanable and hygienic – Basic Billy comes with disinfectant cleaning solution, 50 lung bags and 2 additional face masks for hygienic reasons. Cleaning is easy, simply spoon the contents of the package of cleaning solution into a large bowl of warm water and place the lung bag socket, jaw insert and face skin into the bowl of solution. The cleaning process will take approximately 30 minutes. Rinse all of the components with clean, warm water and dry with a soft cloth.

The robust construction, ease of use and realistic handling,  the “Basic Billy” life support simulator is suitable for both medical training and for teaching in schools, clubs and first aid courses. This simulator offers all the necessary features to learn about the life-saving algorithm, comprising cardiac massage and respiration for adults and children. For more information on the “Basic Billy” life support simulator, review the video below.


Please note this post/video is for product demonstration only and is not intended to train CPR. 




  1. Where would we be without the use of models like “Basic Billy” to train our medical professionals. We are a anatomical model company and Basic Billy is one of out top sellers! Not only for medical professionals, but also those learning the basics of life support. I’m amazed every day at how far science and medicine has come, and can’t wait to see what simulators like Billy are paving the way for!

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