Lead Markers For Clinical Education

Lead Markers

Lead markers for radiography are also known by a number of different names including Pb markers, X-ray markers, anatomical side markers, and radiographic film identification markers. Lead markers are used to mark X-ray films in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. Most lead markers come color-coded to denote right and left on X-ray or radiographic images to assist the radiographer or radiologic technologist on identifying the right and left side of the body. The lead markers will generally have a letter R for the right and the letter L for the left as well as the radiologic technologist (R.T.s) initials.

Radiologic Technology Program

When students are admitted into a radiologic technology program it can be overwhelming at first. There are a number of important things that you have to take care of before your first day of class. You will have to schedule a physical and get your immunizations before you can start your clinical. After you have taken care of your immunizations you can look forward to picking out your clinical attire usually including white shoes, division scrubs, name tag, lead markers, and radiation monitor.

Required Equipment

All radiologic labs require students to have their radiation monitoring badge (radiation dosimeter), lead markers, and name tags before entering the X-ray laboratory. Many programs will consider the student out of acceptable uniform if they show up to their clinical assignment without his or her personalized lead makers. Lead markers are very important when performing procedure evaluations and must be used on all images of the exam. Generally an explanation of the use of any other markers must be noted on the procedure evaluation form by the technologist. Most programs require the student to keep a record of all the examinations he or she assists in a performs in a daily clinical log book. The total number of procedures participated in by the student must be recorded on a tally sheet or “tallies”  that is submitted at the end of each semester. School policies usually require the student’s personalized lead marker to be present on the film to be marked “performed”, please check with your school for specific course information.

Program Specific Requirements for Lead Markers

Many programs will have explicit rules in place regarding the use of lead markers. It is common practice to require the student to purchase their own set of markers before starting the program although some schools provide lead markers for their students. Lead markers are usually customized with the students initials and thereby used to identify which procedure was performed by the student. Schools will usually hold the student responsible for all radiographs bearing their markers so it is important to notify the clinical coordinator immediately if markers are lost.


Check with your school or program to determine what policies are applicable to you. Upon acceptance, most programs will send you a welcome packet or handbook with detailed information regrading program information. Congratulations and good luck on your journey!

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