Add Your Personal Touch To Your X-ray Markers

Looking to spice up your x-ray markers?

There are several different ways you can personalize your x-ray markers. One of the most common methods is through adding your initials to each of the x-ray markers. The markers can have two or three initials or numbers. Placing your initials on the x-ray markers can make it easy to track which x-rays you have taken. Also, many medical facilities actually require radiologists to place their initials on x-ray markers.

Many radiologists also enjoy using different colors for their x-ray markers. Standard x-ray markers come in red for the right side and blue for the left side.

In addition to a variety of different color selections, you also have the option of changing the shape of the x-ray marker. Most x-ray markers tend to be rectangular in shape. Luckily, many radiologists have the choice of using x-ray markers that can have unique shapes such as markers with a fish or skull shape to them. These different shapes also come in a variety of different dimensions in order to meet the radiologist’s requirements.

So have some fun and explore the different ways you can personalize your x-ray markers!

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