Featured Product: BrandTech Accu-Jet Pro Pipette Controller

Our featured product today is our BrandTech Accu-Jet Pro Pipette Controller! The accu-jet pro elevates pipette control to the next generation.

Product Features

  • Speed Control: A new range dial lets you set maximum pipetting speed, but still provides the touch-sensitive, continuously adjustable speed control that made the accu-jet so popular.
  • Ergonomic Grip: The accu-jet pro has a reshaped ergonomic grip that works well with both small and large hands.
  • Battery Life: The accu-jet pro provides 8 hours of full speed operation on a 4-hour charge. There’s even an LED indicator when you have two hours of pipetting time left. Convenient battery access with a slide-on cover.
  • Protects Cell Pellets: Unparalleled soft blow-out control minimizes disturbance of cell pellets, or density gradient interfaces.
  • Comes with: NiHM battery pack, wall holder, two sterile replacement 0.2µm hydrophobic filters, 120V/60Hz charger, operating manual, and one-year warranty.
  • Dimensions: 9.50″ L x 9.50″ W x 2.50″ H
  • Color Selection: dark blue, green, magenta and royal blue.


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