3 Ways To Discard Your Retired Lead Aprons

Looking to throw away your old lead aprons?

This is a common question for those who have lead aprons that can no longer be of use. This post will explain a few lead apron disposal methods for properly discarding lead aprons.

Although lead does an excellent job of blocking out radiation, it can be harmful to the environment if not properly disposed of. It’s important to note that some states may have different regulations and requirements than others, so check your local disposal regulations before. A few ways for lead apron disposal:

  1. Contact a recycling company. You can easily contact a local recycling (or “re-claimer”) scrap metal company and see if they recycle lead products. Oftentimes these companies will take the material and recycle it to create new lead aprons.
  2. Contact your hazardous waste carrier or handling company. Sometimes a local hazardous waste carrier or handling company will come to you and pick-up the lead apron. It’s important to follow your state and local regulations and check to confirm the handling company is licensed.
  3. Bring your aprons to a local landfill. Many local landfills will accept lead aprons however, sometimes landfills won’t accept lead aprons with large cracks or damage due to high toxicity levels.

There may be more ways to throw away lead aprons but these are the most common and appropriate disposal methods. It’s important to know that you cannot throw away lead aprons in the regular trash, it can be harmful to the environment. If you’re not interested in lead aprons, the alternative is non-lead aprons. Non-lead aprons offer the same protection, are typically lighter in weight and can be discarded in the regular trash. Any questions or comments regarding lead apron disposal? Be sure to let us know in the message box below.

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  1. Bill Boak says:

    Is there a recycling company in NE Ohio that will accept lead sheet and lead blankets used inside of x-ray machine in an industrial setting?

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