Flip & Grip Pipette Holder By Heathrow Scientific

The Flip & Grip Pipette Holder by Heathrow Scientific makes pipette storage and selection easy. This cleverly designed pipette holder provides you the option of using on a bench top or mounting it underneath a shelf to maximize workspace.

Holds Most Pipette Brands

Designed to hold the most common brands of pipettes it accommodates up to 12 single channel pipettes or a combo of 3 single and 3 multichannel pipettes using the rubber grips and plunger hooks.

Fun Color Options

The Flip & Grip Pipette Holder is available in blue, lime, and magenta to match your lab and your personality. This unique pipette holder is the perfect choice for quickly and easily organizing your pipettes.

Unique Benefits

  • Will hold up to 12 single channel pipettes, or a combo of 3 single channel and 3 multichannel pipettes
  • Holds most common brands of pipettes
  • Rubber grips prevent scratching
  • Holder rotates for easy pipette selection and storage
  • Weighted base ensures stability


The bench top configuration of the Flip & Grip Pipette Holder measures 332 mm high x 193 mm wide, while the under shelf configuration measures 187 mm long x 193 mm wide. When mounting the Flip & Grip Pipette Holder under the shelf the white cylindrical extender is not necessary and therefore it is not required during assembly.

Which Configuration Is Right For Your Lab?

Assembly is quick and easy, it took less than two minutes to unpack the parts and completely assemble the Flip & Grip. Before you unpack the pieces from the box you will want to determine which type of configuration is right for your laboratory.

Bench Top Style Configuration

Mounting the Flip & Grip Pipette Holder for the bench top is quick and easy. The weighted base provides you with added stability without having to attach the pipette holder to you bench top. This makes the pipette holder even more versatile since you can move it around the lab to where you need it. An optional mounting screw is included for both the bench top style and under shelf configuration.

Under Shelf Style Configuration 

If you decide to mount the pipette holder utilizing the under shelf configuration you will want to leave out the white cylindrical extender since the pipettes will be hanging down under the shelf, this is the reason for the two different length measurements. The under shelf configuration reduces the length from 332 mm to 187 mm without the white cylindrical extender.


The Perfect Choice For Your Labs Changing Needs

The Flip & Grip Pipette Holder with its rubber grips, weighted base, and two attachment options is a versatile choice for storing pipettes and will adapt to your labs ever changing needs.

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