You Asked For A Radiolucent Papoose Board

We Listened

For many years, we received requests from our customers asking for a solution for restraining patients during diagnostic imaging procedures.  We listened to your requests and developed a papoose board that can be used in diagnostic imaging without image artifacts.

100% Radiolucent Design

Constructed of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) our unique papoose board is durable and completely radiolucent.  Traditional papoose boards have metal rivets which make the board unusable for diagnostic imaging procedures. For improved patient comfort, our new papoose board features padded foam flaps which safely secures the patient to the board. The closed foam material is also used as padding for the head strap in case the patients head needs to be restrained.

A Solution For Diagnostic Imaging

While common in the dental industry, the papoose board was not compatible with diagnostic imaging equipment because of metal components. These metal components would cause image artifacts on the x-ray reducing the quality and effectiveness of the image. By simplifying the design, our new papoose board is 100% radiolucent and is ideal for diagnostic imaging applications including X-ray imaging procedures and MRI scans. The medical industry doesn’t have to wait any longer for a papoose restraint board that will help take diagnostic images of uncooperative children, infants or even adults.

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