Giving Patients A Visual With Anatomical Models

Physicians try their best to communicate to their patients in a way that they can understand a specific medical situation. Since a majority of patients don’t have medical backgrounds, some medical terminology may not be understood or could potentially be misinterpreted.

We’ve found that physicians often prefer communicating with patients when they have a visual to reference – like an anatomical model.

How do anatomical models help?

  • Help accurately evaluate your patient’s anatomy
  • Improves communication between you and your patient and medical staff
  • Serves as a visual reference before, during, after surgery
  • Cuts down the risk of patients misinterpreting information
  • Anatomical models are accurate

Patients will appreciate the visual reference when communicating about a health issue or situation. For example, for a patient that has COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) we offer a Diseased Lung Model. This anatomical model is a full-size model of two separate lungs with 4 cutaway sections illustrating the anatomy and effects of COPD, cancer and asthma on the opposite side.

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Whiteboard Wednesday: Why Accidents Happen In The Laboratory

Today on Whiteboard Wednesday we talk about why accidents happen in the laboratory! As we know from last week’s Whiteboard Wednesday, lab accidents can easily take place in just about any laboratory setting.

Watch our Whiteboard Wednesday video below to find out ways to prevent laboratory accidents.

Featured Product: BrandTech BRAND UV-Transparent Spectrophotometry Ultra-Micro Cuvettes

Today, BrandTech’s BRAND UV-Transparent Spectrophotometry Ultra-Micro Cuvettes will be our featured product! These cuvettes are a popular choice for many working in research and testing laboratories.



  • BRAND UV-Cuvette UV-transparent ultra-micro cuvettes are a popular disposable alternative to quartz cuvettes in DNA, RNA, and protein analyses as well as many other applications between 220nm and 900nm.
  • UV-Cuvettes eliminate the tedious and time-wasting cuvette washing, and the risk of sample carry-over associated with reusable quartz cuvettes. Process QC applications avoid the need for qualified SOP’s for cuvette cleaning.
  • The proprietary plastic material offers chemical compatibility superior to that of conventional plastic cuvettes of acrylic or polystyrene, and may be used with most polar organic solvents.
  • Cuvettes have recessed windows to help protect against scratching and fit most commercial spectrophotometers and photometers. They are grouped by mold cavity number to maximize consistency between cuvettes and reduce variation in extinction coefficient.
  • Use the semi-micro size UV-Cuvettes for sample volumes between 1.5mL and 3.0mL, and the macro UV-Cuvettes for samples larger than 2.5mL, or for applications where chemical resistance is primary. Ultra-micro sized UV-Cuvettes may be used with sample volumes as small as 70µL.
  • Individually wrapped UV-Cuvettes micro are free of DNase, DNA and RNase!


  • Filling Volume Minimum: 70uL
  • Filling Volume Maximum: 550uL (15mm window) / 850uL (8.5mm window)
  • Sample Window Dimensions: 2mm x 3.5mm (minimum)
  • Light Path: 10mm
  • Range of Application: 220-900nm

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Whiteboard Wednesday: Improve Your Lab’s Safety With Test Tube Racks

This week on Whiteboard Wednesday we discuss ways to help improve your laboratory’s safety with test tube racks. Chaotic laboratories are a nightmare for lab employees and more importantly can be a major safety hazard! Each year, untidy laboratory work spaces contribute to over 10,000 lab accidents. Fortunately, keeping your lab organized and well kept can prevent many of these accidents. Test tube racks are an excellent tool to use for improving your lab safety.

A few of our favorite test tube rack designs include:

  • Interlocking test tube racks
  • Stack-able test tube racks
  • Plastic test tube racks

Featured Product: myBlock II Digital Dry Bath

Today we have the myBlock II Digital Dry Bath – Dual Chamber with 2 Quick-Flip Blocks as our featured product! This digital dry bath serves major advantages over traditional dry baths.


Main Features:

  • Digital temperature control (set and walk away)
  • Hinged lid (improves uniformity & conserves energy)
  • External (optional) temperature probe (measures actual sample temperature)
  • Includes (2) Quick-Flip universal blocks (supports all common tube sizes, PCR strips and PCR plates)
  • Additional blocks can be purchased separately

The first digital dry baths to include advanced microprocessor controls, timed or continuous operation and a removable hinged lid. In addition, an optional external temperature feedback probe can be positioned directly inside a sample tube, providing real-time control and monitoring of actual sample temperature.

The myBlock’s transparent lid helps to promote better uniformity and minimize temperature stratification in the block by maintaining a warm air jacket layer. It also helps to reduce energy consumption by minimizing heat loss to the environment. The hinged lid can be flipped open (to the rear), or easily removed (lifted off) to accommodate taller tubes.

Includes (2) Quick-Flip Blocks. These universal blocks accept tubes from 0.5 to 2.0ml and, with just a quick flip to the other side, accommodate 0.2ml tubes, PCR strips or (in the dual block model only) a PCR plate. Other blocks are available for tubes up to 50ml. Have a question on our featured product? Let us know in the comment box below!

Coming Soon…New Anatomical Models!

We’re excited to announce that we’re adding new products to our anatomical model category!

These new anatomical models are excellent tools for learning and understanding human anatomy (most commonly used for medical students and explaining procedures to patients). This new addition will include skeleton models, simulators, skin models, heart models, eye and ear models, and more! These models are manufactured from 3B Scientific and Denoyer-Geppert and will be live on our website mid-April.

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Featured Product: BrandTech Accu-Jet Pro Pipette Controller

Our featured product today is our BrandTech Accu-Jet Pro Pipette Controller! The accu-jet pro elevates pipette control to the next generation.

Product Features

  • Speed Control: A new range dial lets you set maximum pipetting speed, but still provides the touch-sensitive, continuously adjustable speed control that made the accu-jet so popular.
  • Ergonomic Grip: The accu-jet pro has a reshaped ergonomic grip that works well with both small and large hands.
  • Battery Life: The accu-jet pro provides 8 hours of full speed operation on a 4-hour charge. There’s even an LED indicator when you have two hours of pipetting time left. Convenient battery access with a slide-on cover.
  • Protects Cell Pellets: Unparalleled soft blow-out control minimizes disturbance of cell pellets, or density gradient interfaces.
  • Comes with: NiHM battery pack, wall holder, two sterile replacement 0.2µm hydrophobic filters, 120V/60Hz charger, operating manual, and one-year warranty.
  • Dimensions: 9.50″ L x 9.50″ W x 2.50″ H
  • Color Selection: dark blue, green, magenta and royal blue.


Understanding Serological Pipettes

Understanding serological pipettes is very important in your laboratory applications. Serological pipettes are often used in laboratory settings to transfer liquid, typically in measurements of 1mL to 50mL. Serology is a scientific study of plasma serum or other bodily fluids that refers to diagnostic identification of antibodies. We’ve put together a few helpful techniques and tips to keep in mind when using serological pipettes.

  1. Don’t touch the sterile pipette with your hands or lay it on the table, this can lead to contamination.
  2. Blown Out” is a common term used that means to empty the pipette in order to measure the correct volume.
  3. You never want the solution to go up into the cotton plug.
  4. When using serological pipettes it’s important for the user to wear protective apparel, such as a lab coat, gloves, eyewear, etc.

With a variety of serological pipettes to choose from, they can be used for a wide range of experimental assays.  Our 25mL UniPlast Plastic Serological Pipettes are available as non-sterile or sterile, and red striped color coded using the ASTM E1380 industry standards. These pipettes have smooth one-piece construction seamless design eliminates the weld points that trap liquid and provide a faster fill and release, ensures a complete flow out and offers a high degree of accuracy. Be sure to watch our product video below to see the 25mL UniPlast serological pipettes in use.


Why Are Head & Neck Positioners Important In The OR?

Why are neck and head positioners important for patients to use while in the operating room? The number one reason for positioning a patients head with a positioner in this situation is safety purposes. Many patients need support of their head and neck  to relieve pressure while going in to surgery.

Below are a few examples of a few different kinds of head and neck positioners we offer.

  1. Head & Neck Support is an ideal positioner for general skull work. Dimensions are 6.5″ high x 10″ wide x 12″ long
  2. 5.5″ D Ring is a reusable foam positioner that provides a safe area for minimizing pressure points and nerve damage during surgery. Dimensions are 5.5″ diameter x 1.5″ thick with a 2″ hole in the center.
  3. Slotted Adult Head Positioner has a soft flexible coating to provide comfort to patients, with 1″ deep slots for tubing. Dimensions are 8.5″ x 8″ x 4″ thick at the highest point, 3″thick at center.
  4. Waters Positioner was especially designed for laminographs of the orbits and facial bones. Dimensions are 7.4″ high x 12.4″ wide x 8″ long.
  5. Concave Disc are ideal for general skull work in general positioning, CT scan, MRI, nuclear medicine, and ultrasounds. Dimensions are 7″ in diameter and available in  1.5″ high, 2.5″ high and 3″ high discs.

Making sure patients are comfortable, safe and don’t develop pressure sores or pain. With our large selection of head and neck patient positioners, you’ll be able to find the support needed for your medical setting. Have any questions on this post? Let us know in the comment box below!

Featured Product: TruLife Oasis Elite Closed Head Ring

Our featured product for today is the TruLife Oasis Elite Closed Head Ring, an excellent gel positioner to provide pressure relief for your patients. This head positioner is designed with lightweight foam with silicone Trugel, the foam and gel work together to conform to the patient’s body shake and helps distribute weight evenly.


Product Features:

  • Unique gel & foam combination conforms comfortably to the patient’s head
  • Suitable for use in many surgical procedures
  • Dimensions:
  • Adolescent: 5.5″ Diameter x 1.3″ Thick
  • Adult: 7.8″ Diameter x 1.9″ Thick
  • MRI Safe
  • Latex Free
  • Non-Hazardous