Whiteboard Wednesday: 3 Ways To Make Your X-Ray Apron Last Longer

We hear this question a lot, how do I care for my x-ray apron? Today’s Whiteboard Wednesday will answer this question with 3 important ways to care for your x-ray apron. It’s important to know the appropriate cleaning techniques, storage equipment and proper care of your x-ray apron.

Want to learn more about x-ray aprons? 

Download our free white paper to learn how to select the right x-ray apron for you. The process of selecting the right x-ray apron can seem overwhelming but it can be reduced to a few simple steps. Whether you are buying for yourself or a team, amidst the abundance of radiation shield options, there is the right x-ray apron for you. Once you have made your purchase it is important to take proper care of your x-ray apron by following the three steps mentioned in the video.



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