Are You Wearing The Right Sized Exam Gloves?

Did you know that it’s essential to wear the right sized protective equipment in your medical setting? Exam gloves are worn daily by many medical professionals and it’s very important these exam gloves fit.

Hand protection is key during routine patient exams, procedures and handling sick patients. It’s important for medical personnel to know the right size exam gloves to use at work. First, you must decide which type of exam glove to use. This can include natural rubber latex, vinyl, nitrile, latex free gloves, etc. Once you have determined the type of exam glove, proper sizing is crucial.

If you have exam gloves that are too big, they can easily be pulled off or liquids can make its way inside the glove. This can also be distracting to the wearer. If you have exam gloves that are too tight, it can cause fatigue and decrease dexterity. The images to the right indicate a pair of exam gloves that are (A) too loose, (B) too tight and (C ) a good fit.

To make sure you’re wearing a pair of the right sized exam gloves, you’ll want to measure your hands. You want to measure around the knuckles of your dominant hand (above the V of your thumb). If you have a measurement of 8 inches, you would wear a size 8 glove or perhaps an 8 ½ to be safe. Many glove brands convert number sizes into XS, S, M, L and XL sizes. See the chart below for recommended sizing conversions: *Measurements are for guidance purposes only. Please consult your glove manufacturer  for their recommended sizing.

Men’s Measurements6” - 7”7” - 8”8”- 9”9”- 10”10” - 11”
Women’s Measurements6”- 6 ½” 6 ½” - 7”7” - 7 ½” 7 ½” - 8”8” - 8 ½”
Remember, the fit of your exam gloves can affect your job performance. It’s important to wear the proper sized exam glove that fits your hand, proper glove sizing is key. If you have any questions or comments on selecting the right glove size, please let us know below!


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    Nice article especially the sizing chart.

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