Weekly Wrap For December 2 – December 6, 2013

Proper Handwashing Techniques & Tips

Proper handwashing is one of the most important steps we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to other people. The first full week in December is National Handwashing Awareness Week. To help celebrate and help raise awareness of the importance of handwashing we will share some helpful tips and techniques to stay healthy. What is the right way to wash your hands? 

Benchmark Scientific – Mortexer Vortex Mixer With Multi-Head

This week [December 2, 2013 through December 6, 2013] we are offering a special Buy One, Get One Free“ promotion on our Mortexer™ Vortex Mixer with Multi-Head™ from Benchmark Scientific. When you buy one Mortexer™ Vortex Mixer [BV1005] at the regular price you will receive your second one free. The free unit will automatically be added to your cart with purchase.

What Are The Parts Of A Lead Eyeglass Frame?

Why are lead eyeglasses important? The risk for radiation induced eye injuries are particularly high for health professionals such as interventional cardiologists, interventional radiologists, doctors using fluoroscopy in operating theaters and paramedical personnel who remain close to the patient during the procedure.

Whiteboard Wednesday: What You Should Do After Using PPE Supplies

Today on Whiteboard Wednesday we discuss proper ways to dispose your PPE (personal protection equipment) supplies after use. Properly disposing your PPE supplies in your medical facility is very important for reducing the spread of infection. Be sure to watch our Whiteboard Wednesday video below!

The Different Types of Ultrasound Scans

There are several different types of ultrasound scans depending on the part of the body being examined. There are external, internal and endoscopic ultrasound scans. An external ultrasound involves the use of a an ultrasonic sensor also known as a transducer or transceiver which is placed on the patients skin and is moved over the body part being examined. An ultrasound gel is applied to the skin to improve the movement of the transducer and ensure continuous contact between the skin and the transducer. 

Benchmark Scientific – Mortexer Vortex Mixer With Multi-Head

The Mortexer™ is MORE than your standard vortex mixer. The unique design of the Multi-Head™ (included) features a traditional cup head for general purpose mixing plus holds up to eight microcentrifuge tubes. The drive system is balanced with Q-Drive™ technology, providing a smooth vortexing action, while minimizing noise and excessive vibration. This results in quieter, more efficient and longer lasting operation. Increased speed, up to 3400 rpm produces an instant vortex of even the largest sample sizes, including 50ml tubes.


Technical Data 
Speed Range200 to 3400 rpm
Operating ModesTouch or Continuous
Operating Temperature Range+4 to +65 degrees celsius
Dimensions13 x 16 x 17 cm
5 x 6.3 x 6.7 in.
Weight3.8 kg/ 8.4 lb
Electrical115V AC, 60 Hz, 1.5A
230V AC, 50Hz, 0.75A
230V AC, 60 Hz, 0.75A
Warranty2 years


Main Features 

  • Unique Multi-Head™ for general purpose vortexing PLUS holds up to eight microtubes (Patent Pending)
  • Powerful motor for INSTANT vortexing
  • Continuous or “touch” operation
  • Q-Drive™ dynamic balancing system
  • Variable speed from 200 to 3400 rpm
  • Wide variety of accessories


BV1000-FLATOptional 3 in. flat head attachment
BV1000-COMBOOptional combination head for one microplate & microtubes (38x1.5 & 28x0.5)
BV1000-H15Optional attachment, 12 x 1.5ml, horizontal
BV1000-H150Optional attachment for 4 x 15ml, horizontal
BV1000-H500Optional attachment for 2 x 50ml, horizontal


Other features include: “no-walk” suction feet, cold room/incubator compatibility and spill-proof electronic controls. The Mortexer™ Vortex Mixer with Multi-Head™ features a 2-year warranty. The Mortexer™ Vortex Mixer with Multi-Head™ and accessories are available on our main site.


Announcement – Our New Partnership!

We’re excited to announce that Universal Medical has recently partnered with Nasco to add a large selection of Whirl-Pak specimen bags to our website!

This product line was developed as the first sterile sample bags on the market and are used in many laboratories and research facilities today. Nasco’s Whirl-Pak bags are sterilized laboratory sample bags used for many uses in dairy and food products, hospitals and laboratories, waste and water treatment plants, biological field work, etc. We’re confident these lab specimen bags will provide laboratories and research facilities a reliable tool for sample collection.

These lab specimen bags are now available on our website intended for laboratory, medical and research professionals. If you have any questions on these Whirl-Pak bags, let us know in the comment box below!

Discounts Only Available on Our Blog

Be sure to check back regularly as occasionally we will be running promotions that will only be posted in this section of our blog. When manufacturers announce sales promotions, especially with new product launches, we pass the savings on to our customers with our own unique blog promotions. The promotions may be for a limited time, so return often and act fast! Following this blog is just one of the ways that you can stay updated with our latest specials and savings.

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Universal Medical Teams Up With SciQuest

We are excited to announce that we recently joined SciQuest’s supplier network. This means that you can work with SciQuest to purchase some of our products. You can also find some of our products listed in their online catalog.

SciQuest is an online procurement organization that helps healthcare and research organizations purchase products from a list of reputable suppliers. What is online procurement? Online procurement allows qualified and registered users to look for suppliers or sellers of goods and services through an established network.

What can SciQuest do for you? They actually help to simplify the procurement by offering a diverse list of suppliers to choose from and an easy online purchasing process. All you have to do is search through SciQuest’s suppliers, find the product and supplier you are looking for and place the order. SciQuest handles the rest of the process for you. This helps to speed up the order placement, order processing and delivery processes. They also help customers select the right products and provide details on the products ordered.

If you would like to learn more about SciQuest, feel free to visit their website here.  If Universal Medical Inc. is not enabled in your Sciquest customer portal please contact your purchasing department about having our catalog enabled for you.

Have any questions on our recent joining up with SciQuest? Let us know!