Featured Product: Open-End Serological Pipettes

Today’s featured product are our open-end serological pipettes! These specially designed pipettes feature an open end for use with high viscosity liquids. They provide fast fill and release rates and are typically used with oils, cosmetics, paint, sludge, food and cell-culture applications.

Product Features:

  • Available in 1mL, 2mL, 5mL and 10mL sizes.
  • Polystyrene (PS) Open-End Serological Pipettes are color coded for easy identification
  • Fiber filter plug
  • Sterilized by gamma irradiation
  • Sterility assurance level (SAL): 10-6
  • Non-pyrogenic
  • Individually wrapped in thermoformed paper/plastic peel packaging
  • Safe alternative to glass pipettes
  • Industry standard color coding meets ASTM E1380
  • Calibrated to deliver (TD) at +/-2%. Meets ASTM E934


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