How Our Prescription Lead Glasses Are Made

Interested to know how our prescription lead glasses are made? Well, we have put together the process in 12 steps to illustrate how our manufacturer produces prescription lead glasses. Prescription lead glasses give those with eye prescriptions an alternative when selecting lead glasses.

  1. Data Entry The first step is data entry. Your prescription information is entered into the computer to ensure you receive the correct prescription.
  2. Tracing the Frame The frame is traced by a device to match the lenses to the frame.
  3. Taping the Lenses The purpose of taping the lenses is simply to protect the front side of the glass, since the front side is already polished.
  4. Lens Layout and Blocking During this step a trained professional will place the lens on an axis using a blocking machine and attach a metal block to one side. The purpose of the metal block is so the lenses are able to fit within each machine, this will ensure the axis and prescription stay consistent.
  5. Cutting Your Prescription The glass lenses are placed into a curve generator which will precisely cut the prescription into the lens.
  6. Fining and Polishing The lenses are placed into a cylinder machine for fining and polishing.
  7. Applying Scratch-Resistant Coating A scratch-resistant coat is applied to the lens to keep the glasses protected. The lenses are placed in a machine that impregnates the coating to the glass.
  8. Inspection for Coating Quality Trained specialists thoroughly inspect the quality of coating that has been applied to the lens.
  9. Edging to Frame Size The lenses are placed into a machine for the purpose of edging the glass. This will cool the lens so it will not break and also edge the glass by using diamond wheels.
  10. Assembly The lenses are carefully assembled into a frame.
  11. Inspection and Verification One of the trained specialists carefully inspects and verifies the glasses, making sure the alignment and lenses are correct.
  12. Your Prescription is Ready to Ship This is the last step in which our manufacturer will prepare and package your lead glasses for shipping.

The process is carefully performed by trained professionals to guarantee the highest quality. To watch these steps performed by our manufacturer, please visit


Prescription Lead Glasses – How They’re Made video on our YouTube channel.  If you have any questions or comments on this process, please let us know below.

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