5 Benefits Of Disposable Patient Positioning Straps

Disposable patient positioning straps are used to assist in immobilizing patients and are great for infection control purposes. Proper patient positioning is critical to patient safety, a durable safety strap is often required for specific positioning techniques. When selecting a patient positioning strap it is important to consider the safety and well-being of the patient during their procedure. By selecting disposable positioning straps like the Disposable Velcro Self Strap Restraint System you will reduce the risk of patient injury and maximize patient safety. Straps made from flexible materials provide a soft, injury reducing form of patient restraint that can be used during all phases of preoperative surgeries. Features of the disposable Velcro self strap restraint system include versatility, residue free adhesion, disposable for infection control, non-metal construction, and latex-free.


The disposable Velcro self strap restraint system comes in a 30′ roll and is easily trimmed to the desired length with ordinary scissors. The Velcro loop is laminated to the hook which makes an automatic self adjusting positioning strap/immobilizer that can be used during any O.R. procedure. This unique hook and loop combination is so versatile that it can be used with any table or surface that does not have side rails.

Residue Free 

The convenient Velcro strap acts like an ordinary roll of tape without the messy adhesive residue. The Velcro strap sticks to itself so you can quickly and easily trim to the desired length to accommodate patients of different sizes. The Velcro hook and loop strap quickly stabilizes the patient thereby minimizing trauma and bruising.

Infection Control

The World Health Organization states that the management of health-care waste is an integral part of hospital hygiene and infection control. “Health-care waste should be considered as a reservoir of pathogenic microorganisms, which can cause contamination and give rise to infection.” According to WHO, the most frequent route of infection transmission is indirect contact. For example, the infected patient touches an object, instrument or surface which then becomes contaminated. Subsequent contact between that item and another patient is likely to contaminate the second individual who then may then develop an infection. By using a disposable Velcro self strap restraint system the risk of indirect infection transmission is almost completely eliminated.

Non-Metallic Construction 

The Velcro self strap restraint system is latex and metal-free which reduces injury to the patient and the staff. Some reusable positioning straps have metal rings or buckles that can reduce the potential for skin cuts, abrasions and welts. The Velcro straps provide a soft and pliable surface which reduces skin irritation and pressure sores.

Latex Free 

Latex is used in a variety of medical products. Medical professionals are at risk since they are frequently exposed to latex products. Hospitals and health care facilities are beginning to create latex-safe treatment areas and surgical suites to accommodate people who are allergic to latex. Some facilities have also set up systems for identification of staff and patients with latex allergy. The disposable Velcro self strap restraint system is latex free and offers an excellent alternative to latex based products.

Proper patient positioning is critical to patient safety. By using a disposable patient positioning strap you add an additional layer of infection prevention. The disposable Velcro self strap restraint system will make a great addition to your medical facility.



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