Featured Product: 4 oz (118ml) Whirl-Pak Write-On Bags

Today’s featured product comes from our selection of Whirl-Pak specimen bags, the 4 oz. (118ml) Whirl-Pak Write-On Bags!


Whirl-Pak bags made the “universal sample system”, which means that a single sample can be used for all tests required for quality control, product content, and legal compliance.


  • A convenient white Write-On Strip will accept virtually any writing instruments (ballpoint pen, pencil, or felt-tip marker) for easy sample identification
  • Marking for 100ml and 4oz measurements to assist in volume control
  • High-quality blended polyethylene
  • Puncture proof tabs by extending the tape on the tab past the aluminum wire ends eliminating the sharp points which could puncture the bags or gloves
  • Leakproof closure (whirling or tightly folding the tab over 3 times) prevents impurities from entering the bag and contaminating the sample
  • Sterile with +1 Sterilization, a process of sterilizing sealed cartons of Whirl-Pak bags after manufacturing using ethylene oxide gas at an independent ISO-certified facility
  • Not autoclavable
  • Bags should not be used at temperatures above 180°F (82°C)
  • Bags can be frozen to any temperature, even liquid nitrogen temperatures down to -346°F (-210°C); careful handling required after freezing
  • ISO9001 certified
  • FDA approval

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