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Digital Dry Baths In Your Laboratory

Before we had digital dry baths, laboratories relied on analog dry baths to heat samples. Digital dry baths are often considered the next generation of dry baths and are essential in many applications that take place in the laboratory. Many have digital screens with easy-to-see temperature display for accurate readings. We’re breaking this post down with a few of our most common digital dry baths.

The MyBlock mini dry bath is a compact digital dry bath that can fit in the palm of your hand! This portable unit has exchangeable blocks, for tube sizes of 0.2 to 50ml. This mini dry bath has back-light display to control temperatures up to 80°C. Keeping a small profile, this unit includes a clear plastic cover allows for enhanced temperature regularity and ramping time.

Another style is the digital dry bath – four blocks, which also encompasses digital accuracy and convenience. This unit has the capacity for single, double and four blocks. This particular dry bath offers temperature and time control, which eliminates the need for an external thermometer or timer. The four block model can accommodate up to 96 x 1.5ml tubes in less than a square foot of bench space.

Digital dry baths incorporate a microchip into the unit which allows the temperature of the bath to be controlled through digital interface. The user can change the temperature by simply pressing the up and down arrows on the display panel. These digital dry baths are easy to use, easy to store and essential for laboratory settings. If you have any comments or questions regarding digital dry baths, please leave us a comment below!

We’ve Teamed Up With MTC Bio

Exciting news around here, the new addition to our product line comes from MTC Bio! We are constantly adding new, high-quality items to our product line to provide our customer with a wide variety of products.

MTC Bio is known for high quality pipetting instruments, while also specializing in disposable plasticware found in many research laboratories. With their innovative approach to provide quality products, their laboratory items are a great addition to our wide selection.

Products from MTC Bio include a ProPette Single Channel Pipette Series, Autoradiography Film, Autoclave & Biohazard Bags, Culture Tubes & Caps, a unique Pipette Carousel Rack and more laboratory products to come.

Quality products are essential in today’s laboratory and medical settings, MTC Bio is committed to providing your laboratory the premium tools needed.  If you have any questions or comments regarding our partnership with MTC Bio, please let us know in the comment box below!

Pipette Stands: The Easy Way For Storing Your Pipettes

Pipette stands are great accessories for storing your laboratory’s pipettes. They will help keep your laboratory organized, which is very important in any laboratory or medical setting. We offer a variety of pipette stands to accommodate both a small and large amount of pipettes.

The Pipette Carousel Rack is a perfect addition to your pipette accessories for keeping your workstation bench-top organized. This rack was designed to accommodate six single-channel pipettes and keep them within reach and ready to use. The freely 360 degree rotating circular pipette rack has been engineered to fit and secure not only the most popular pipette types, but over twenty different pipette brands on the market today.

The 3-Place Clear Acrylic Pipettor Stand is a convenient and safe pipette storage unit. This unit holds 3 pipettes in a clear, acrylic stand and fits a majority of pipettor brands. The upper slots are 25mm wide and the lower slots are 20mm wide. This stand also allows people to easily see the pipettes rather than having them stored in a closed dispenser.

Pipette stands will not only keep your pipettes organized and properly stored, they will help with laboratory safety. By storing lab equipment and supplies in safe dispensers or organizers, it can reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Pipette stands can greatly assist in everyday laboratory applications, by keeping a well organized environment. Are you currently using a stand to hold your pipettes? If you have any questions or comments regarding our pipette stands, please let us know in the comment box below.

Using Agarose In Gel Electrophoresis

Agarose is a substance used in many laboratory applications but most commonly associated with gel electrophoresis.

First, let’s start with stating that agarose powder forms a gel when mixed with water. This chemical is actually found naturally in agar, which is a gelatinous substance derived from red algae. When agarose is joined with other additives, the gel can be rolled into tiny beads.

Gel electrophoresis is technique of separating and analyzing macromolecules (DNA, RNA, proteins) and their fragments. Basically, gel electrophoresis is used for whenever DNA strands need to be sorted according to length. Before a gel electrophoresis procedure, a DNA sample would be treated with special enzymes. The agarose gel is used by dissolving the powder, which resists changes to pH that might result from electrochemical effects. The agarose filters the DNA strands. Adding an electrical current is how the DNA is pushed through the agarose, allowing the DNA strands to move.

Our Benchmark Agarose LE 500g – Organic Solvent Free is multi-purpose and has enhanced resolution and clarity. A few features of this agarose:

  • Reduced background
  • Low EEO / increased electrophoretic mobility
  • RNase, DNase, Protease-free
  • High hysteresis, improved thermal stability

Our IBI Molecular Biology Grade Agarose Ultra Sieve was designed to improve resolution of small DNA fragments and PCR products. A few features this agarose has:

  • High resolution of short PCR products and DNA fragments
  • Improved clarity enhancing visibility
  • High gel strength allows use in blotting procedures
  • Excellent gel strength, minimizing cracking or breaking during handling

Agarose plays a key role in the process of gel electrophoresis. If you have any questions or comments regarding this topic, please let us know in the comment box below!

Keeping Lab Samples Cool With The CoolCube

Need to keep laboratory samples at a cool temperature and safely stored for some time? The CoolCube Microtube and PCR Plate Cooler is designed to store samples safely on your lab benchtop without sample degradation due to temperature increase or fluctuation.

The CoolCube is easy to use, you simply store samples inside the unit that need to be kept at a cool temperature. This CoolCube maintains temperature at approximately 0°C for up to four hours. The CoolCube should be placed in the freezer overnight and it’s ready for use, keeping samples cool and safe without the hassle of messy ice buckets or wet tubes.

This unit is constructed of DuraStar (a high strength polymer) and a patented gel refrigerant. A unique feature about this unit is that it can be used on either side as a convenient PCR workstation with wells for 12 standard 1.5/2.0ml microtubes and one 96 well PCR plate or 0.2ml tubes/strips. The other side can be used to hold 36 standard 1.5/2.0ml microtubes.

In many laboratory applications, it’s important to keep samples at a low temperature for a certain amount of time. This CoolCube is ideal for keeping samples cool and safe while you finish up the rest of your project. This reduces time of placing the samples somewhere else in the lab, with the CoolCube you can simply place the unit right next to you on your benchtop workstation.

What are you using to keep lab samples cool? If you have any questions or comments, let us know below!

Setting Up An Efficient Benchtop Workstation In Your Laboratory

The key to setting up an efficient benchtop workstation in your laboratory is finding the right organizational equipment to use. We’ve made a list of our top five products used to keep lab workstation’s organized and efficient.

1. Acrylic Workstation Dispensing Bins
These clear bins will allow you to see your inventory levels of pipette tips, tubes, fittings, finger cots, and other bulk items. These bins are available in 1, 2, 3 and 4-place bin options, all varying in sizes. Their flip top covers make dispensing easy and products dust-free.

2. Acrylic Benchtop Dispensing Bin Dual Compartment with Lid
This neon green, ergonomically designed dispensing bin has angled openings and an oversize lip.

3. Acrylic Benchtop Dispensing Bin Single Compartment with Lid
This neon blue, dispensing bin has a large, angled opening to allow for easy use for any laboratory supply item.

4. Reagent Solution Reservoir Basin Dispenser
This reservoir basin dispenser makes it easy for clean handling of your reservoir basins. Constructed of durable acrylic, this dispenser accommodates 100 and 55ml reservoirs.

5. Portable Tough – Tags Station Dispenser
The portable tough-tags station holds up to six standard size boxes of tough-tags, cryo-babies, and tough-spots. The station includes a cutting edge for easy dispensing and no-skid rubber feet.

By using any of these benchtop workstation organizers, you can maintain organization at your laboratory workstation. Keeping an uncluttered workstation can also reduce the risk of laboratory accidents. Are you currently using any organizational equipment in your laboratory? If you have any questions or comments regarding our line of benchtop workstations, please let us know in the comment box below!

Ensuring Patient Protection In Your Medical Facility

It’s important for hospitals, medical facilities and clinics to ensure patient protection while keeping up with the ever-changing medical industry. Using disposable or sterile products for patient care can eliminate the possibility of infection. A few products come to mind when the topic of patient protection comes up and we’ve created this post to highlight a few.

The disposable exam covers are essential for protection against cross-contamination while maintaining your patient’s modesty. The disposable modesty smock has an elastic top that keeps the smock comfortable and secure during patient exams. This disposable smock provides protection against cross contamination while eliminating expensive laundry and replacement costs. The classic Disposable Exam Gown is a common item found in almost every hospital or medical facility. This blue gown is often a requirement for patients to wear during their stay, protecting patients against cross-contamination and is designed with comfortable, non-irritating, non-woven materials.

The single-use thermometers are also items that can be used for patient protection. The NexTemp ultra single-use clinical oral thermometers are individually wrapped and features extended signal retention time for excellent readability. These particular thermometers are easy and safe to use. The NexTemp Reusable Personal Clinical Thermometer in Wallet Size Carrier is convenient as it does not require special storage conditions, batteries, covers or recalibration processes. These thermometers are safe as they replace dangerous glass/mercury, digital electronic and tympanic thermometers.

Patient protection is an important safety measure to adhere to. There are many products that can help keep patients safe from infection and disease. If you have any comments or questions regarding patient protection, please leave a comment in the box below!

Why Not Performing Surgical Counts Will Cost You

Surgical counts – a very important task for medical personnel working in operating rooms everywhere. We’re not trying to alarm you, but we need to emphasize how important performing accurate surgical counts are  in your operating room.

The way surgical counts are performed may vary from facility to facility. However, in general, this count is the process of counting all surgical instruments before and after surgery. If the count is less after the surgery, you know there is an instrument either misplaced, lost on the floor or worse – retained inside the patient.

The Medical Instrument and Needle Finder Magnet is a tool frequently used when surgical instruments are lost on the OR floor. This finder magnet is easy to use as you simply glide the finder over the floor so instruments can attract to the magnet. This tool is ideal when working with tiny surgical instruments and has a no stoop retrieval feature to keep medical personnel upright to prevent back strain. By locating surgical instruments on the floor you can eliminate the possibility of retained surgical instruments inside the patient.

In the case that a surgical count is not performed appropriately, it can be costly in the fact that surgical instruments are rather expensive. If the instruments are lost inside the patient, the patient would most likely need another operation or exam to correct that mistake, also costly. So performing surgical counts are crucial for not only your facility’s sake, but also your patients.

Have you ever experienced a lost surgical instrument in your facility’s operating room? Tell us your story below!

Using Autoclaves For Sterilizing Laboratory Equipment And Supplies

Autoclaves are an essential tool, used for sterilizing laboratory equipment and supplies. Sometimes autoclaves are referred to as sterilizers in laboratory settings. Basically the autoclave heats solutions above boiling point to sterilize medical and laboratory items and equipment.

We have two autoclaves that offer complete sterilization. Our BioClave 16 Digital Bench-Top Autoclave is excellent for any laboratory, medical or research setting. This particular autoclave offers convenience for steam sterilization of research tools and consumables. With a width of 17.5 inches wide, this autoclave is easy to store on your bench top. This model is fully automatic, has complete sterilization and extremely compact. Often laboratory bench tops can be crowded with supplies, so having an autoclave that won’t take up much room is ideal.

The BioClave Mini Digital Bench-Top Autoclave – 8 Liter is an even smaller option, ideal for those with limited work space. The width of this autoclave is 13.5 inches wide, perfect for small spaces in your medical setting.

Space is an important factor before deciding on which type of autoclave will work best for your laboratory. Autoclaves come in both bench top models and floor models, depending on size and application. Knowing how many and which laboratory supplies you intend on sterilizing in the autoclave will be helpful.

Autoclaves operate on a time and temperature basis. Standard temperatures of autoclaves are usually set around 121°C. Because autoclaves use high temperatures to sterilize equipment, it’s best practice to use personal protective equipment for safety purposes. For example, when unloading the autoclave it’s best to wear protective gloves, eye protection and a lab coat. If you have any questions or comments for us, please let us know in the message box below!

What Kind Of Medication Cart Is Best For Your Medical Facility?

Medication carts can be found in many healthcare facilities and are typically used by medical staff on a regular basis. There are many different types of medical carts such as anesthesia carts, emergency carts, ergonomic carts, isolation carts, etc. Medication carts specifically, are very common in hospitals, clinical settings and other medical facilities.

The purpose of a medication cart is to make it easier and more efficient for medical personnel to give out medication to patients. Without a cart to store medication, it can be difficult to keep medication organized and stored properly.

It’s important to find medication carts that offer durability. Our carts are built from heavy-duty steel with double-wall construction and electronically welded seams. Durable medication carts can result in years of reliable performance, crucial for any medical facility.

Medication carts are available in many different sizes, shapes, colors, and are sometimes constructed of different material. The Value Line 360 Capacity Punch Card Medication Cart with Key Lock has overall dimensions of 46.75″ high x 29.5″ wide x 22.5″ depth. This cart was designed to meet the storage needs for an individual, a group home or a large nursing unit. This specific cart has a painted steel cabinet and drawers with an internal locking narcotics box in the bottom 9” drawer.

The Wood Laminate 480 Capacity Punch Card Medication Cart with Key Lock has a cherry mahogany wood-look and provides an attractive alternative to traditional medical carts. This specific cart was designed to look like a piece of furniture and with 480 punch card capacity.

Medication carts allow medical personnel to provide better patient care. With a variety of medication carts, your medical facility will be able to select the perfect medication storage cart. If you have any questions or would like to leave a comment, please let us know below!